What if strangers could connect through their words and together create a book? That was the idea that led to The Book By Strangers - an experiment in anonymous collaboration. After venturing out to ask 100 people on the streets of San Francisco if they could write something relatable to the previous page, the blank pages eventually got filled and now covers everything fro magic squirrels to a mysterious romance on a park bench.

Some contributions are more serious than others, but each page is a story in itself and that’s what makes it unique — it’s interesting in its imperfectness. With zero budget, the book received over 3000 page views during a one month period with visitors from over 45 countries. Currently, there are international students making a new book at Asia Pasific University. You can read that here:

The moral of the story? People who never met each other wrote a masterpiece together; proving that all of us can collaborate to create something special.

My name is Hampus Elfström and I'm a copywriter. 

Design and book photography by Sarah Wasley.